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       Welcome to Birmingham Suzuki Violinists official website.

We are happy to share with you highlights of our year, past years, and years to come.   Violin is the focus of our attention. Learning to play takes commitment, years of hard work, and a love of music.  But  with  dedication to the practice of the instrument, and a love for the music, anyone can learn to play.


Take a look at this website, and you will get an overview of many of the activities that we are involved in as we study together with our violin teacher, LaDonna Smith.  

Our studies are inspired by the philosophy and early learning practices of the Suzuki Method, but we also enjoy branching out musically, playing music from the 12th century to Irish and Appalachian fiddle music, jazz, world music and improvisation.

Study with us and you will enjoy a diverse community of Suzuki students, and parents, as well as the exceptionally creative and relaxed studio of LaDonna Smith.


LaDonna Smith, Director
Birmingham Suzuki Violinists
Birmingham, Alabama